Installing Win10 to a internal drive in 2019 Mac Pro - Boot Problem

Hi there from Christchurch New Zealand
I have created a fresh Boot Camp partition on my 2019 Mac Pro - no problem - it works perfectly.
However I actually want to install windows on another dedicated INTERNAL SSD drive. I created a Image using Winclone 8 and restored it to the other SSD internal drive - all good. I disabled T2 chip so it will boot from any operating system etc. The problem I have is that the new SSD will boot showing the windows logo but then just sit there with my mouse pointer and a spinning wheel. I can get it to the recovery screen showing 0XC0000001 error sometimes by rebooting again but selecting any option does not work and just gets me a blank screen. I also tried to created a bootable pen drive as per Twocanoes Catalina post - which boots to the window logo and then everything just dies and the screen just goes blank. Tried everything over a number of days including recreating image and reinstalling etc - Would this work - deleting my actual boot camp partition and recreating it with out installing Apples Bootcamp drivers and then creating and coping the Winclone image to the internal SSD drive? (and then installing the Bootcamp drivers once installed). If anyone can help on this one it would really be appreciated!