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Anyone know if by getting two canoes lightning smart card reader I can access Citrix and applications within Citrix?

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I would like to know this answer as well.

I’m a DoD civilian and have a military CAC. When I want to use my own PC/MAC to access my work desktop, I go out to our remote website, click the link of which prompts a file download for Citrix Receiver/Workspace. Citirx loads and the Windows login screen loads. My CAC is recognized, I select my certificate, enter pin and login.

I want to be clear I want to do the above mentioned on iOS such as iPad/iPhone. I already have a solution for Windows/Mac OS.

Years ago, I tried Thursbys iOS software/CAC solution and their product got me to the windows login screen; however, it wasn’t recognizing my CAC. I believe Thursby said it was on Citirx and when I contacted Citirx they said it was on Thursby lol. I think Thursby had to rely on Citirx to create a kit or add-in to allow Thursby product to work. Thursby was willing to work with them. Citirx has better things to do lol.

My question for two canoes, going back to my first paragraph, does your iOS solution and smart utility app work with Citrix and will it transfer my CAC over to Citirx so I am able to login?

If there’s no clear answer, I wouldn’t mind being a tester for you. Also, if I have to buy it first, I hope there is a trial and a way I can return everything including Bluetooth reader for a full refund in the event it doesn’t work. Thank you!

V/R, Dan

Thanks for such an awesome follow up to my query.
I also have the thursby reader and sub Rosa browser but I couldn’t Even get Citrix to use receiver app to launch windows programs.
I certainly hope two canoes has and releases the solution(perhaps via FAQ) prior to having to buy it.

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Citrix support is something we have been looking at as well. The issue is that the Citrix workspace app only knows how to talk to a couple of specific readers from two different vendors. One of the vendors no longer makes readers, and the other (certgate) is in the middle of transitioning to a new reader and it does not have Citrix support yet. We have added in compatibility for this reader for our software internally, but that reader does not have Citrix support yet. The long and short of it is that we don’t support Citrix at this point but that may change. It probably won’t be with our current readers and would require an AirID reader once those get Citrix support.

I recommend signing up for our Beta mailing list so you’ll get notified if anything changes with regards to Citrix support.


Timothy Perfitt