Is it possible to import a WinClone image into VMware Fusion?

My current Bootcamp partition (Windows 10 Pro) fails to boot completely, possibly due to a corrupted update. I cannot get it to boot into Safe Mode. Having experienced other problems with BootCamp, which Apple seems loathe to support, I’m ready to give up on BootCamp and switch to Fusion.

While researching the topic of migrating from a WinClone image to Fusion I found a post here that describes a way to do it but the post appears to be referring to obsolete tech:

This is a few years to late for your problem perhaps it might help others though.

Im using VMware Fusion 5.

In the Finder right click on your winclone image and select ‘show package contents’

the look for the ‘winclone.dmg’ file.

mount this

then in Fusion use the Import tool.

It sees it as a bootcamp partition and allows you to import it as a vmdk.

So I opened a relatively recent .winclone image file using Show Package Contents but there is no winclone.dmg file inside. However, there is a 140GB file named boot.img.gz inside. Any chance that it can be imported into Fusion?

That is an interesting way to go about it. You can restore to a disk image in Winclone, then use the Import tool. I’ll give it a try as well. Sounds like an interesting way to go about it. Nice!


Got a similar problem, i’ve got a win 7 pro setup running in bootcamp that won’t get past installing updates. I’d like to get it running in a VM. What’s the fastest way to get it from this bootcamp image to vmware fusion?


Same thing for me … no winclone.dmg file inside , but windows.wim
How can I use it to import it in VMWARE fusion 11.1.0 ,

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is no direct route. You can restore it to a boot camp partition then either import or boot off it inside VMWare Fusion.