Is Winclone standard a good fit for me?


I am quite confused if Winclone standard will work for me.

All I want to do is clone my Boot Camp Windows OS to then be used as a golden master copy to deploy onto 10 other Macs so I do not have to reinstall everything one by one. I use Acronis to do this currently with Windows machines.

Is this is a one click process or do I have to install bootcamp every time and then go into the OS and install other stuff and then use the Winclone software? I can’t tell.



Winclone standard is licensed for 2 Macs, and Winclone Pro covers 50 Macs. Winclone Pro also creates a standard macOS installer package and embeds winclone inside of the package so you don’t need to install Winclone on each machine. You just install the package and a boot camp partition is created and windows is restore.