Issue Migrating to a new Mac-Partitioning

I am using Winclone 7. I set up Windows 10 on my iMac. I then decided to migrate it over to my MacBook Pro. I used Winclone 7 to capture an image of the Bootcamp partition and stored it on an external USB drive.

I then went to my MBP to prepare it for Bootcamp. I followed directions from the Two Canoes website. To start I went into Disk Utility to try to create a new partition on my hard drive for Bootcamp. It gave me the following message:

APFS volumes share storage space within a container, occupying a single partition. Adding and deleting APFS volumes is faster and simpler than editing a partition map. Would you like to add a volume to the container, or partition the device?

I selected partition but it didn’t allow me to add a 2nd partition. I tried to resize the current 1TB SSD partition to make it smaller but it did not allow me to do that either.

I then selected the Add Volume option which I think would have worked except it only allows me to add APFS volumes.

How can I go about migrating my Bootcamp onto this Mac? I’m running Mojave.

You have to create a new partition, not a new APFS volume. You should get prompted to select if you want to add a volume or a partition.


Thanks for your quick reply. :)I ll try again after making partitions on the drive…

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