Issue setting desktop background from sample script

I have a successful MDS workflow running that installs MacOS, copies some files to the desktop and should set the desktop background.

I am working from the sample script provided in the examples on Use MDS to Set Up macOS Dock and Background Image – Twocanoes Software

My wallpaper gets copied to the right location, but not set.

When I view my wallpaper in finder, the file seems to have odd permissions, to a point where I cannot read it, or open it.

Has anyone got a successful script running for setting the desktop background?


Try looking at the permissions on it and see if it is a valid image file.


Did you ever resolve this?

There is a new script to set a custom default desktop picture in the latest SampleScriptsAndResources available here: twocanoes / macdeploystick / Downloads — Bitbucket

This new script is a new design that has been tested to work properly on macOS 10.13 High Sierra through macOS 12 Monterey. In MDS, you set it up as a Script to be run “After macOS and packages are installed” and be sure to include your custom desktop pic in a Resources folder within the same folder as the script.

This script works a little differently than the old method so you’ll see the macOS default desktop picture for just a moment on first login before it gets changed to your custom picture.