Issue with Duplicating Workflows? - No, User Error

I was absolutely missing the obvious - I had multiple workflows that installed two different versions of the OS marked with the Active checkbox. All it took was a couple of clicks to get things fixed. Feel really stupid, but at least I figured it out myself.

I’m currently using v4.2 (48065) and seem to have a problem when attempting to duplicate a workflow to upgrade the OS. I noticed the problem when the duplicated workflow would no longer fit on my 16GB thumb drive. I saved it off to a larger SSD and I found that both the upgraded OS and the original OS are being saved to the Deploy/macOS folder on my MDS volume.

In my case, I have both the old install_macOS_10.14.6 dmg and the Install macOS Big Sur 10.6.2 appearing in that folder. Based on a test, it seems that the target Mac ends up with Big Sur, but I’d like to figure out why this old installer appears on my volume.

I’ve tried changing things in the Workflow editor, but having no luck. Is this happening to anyone else or am I just missing the obvious.

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It does feel good when you figure it out yourself, though :slight_smile: