Keyboard not working after copying winclone image to new Mac

I am trying to migrate Bootcamped Win10 from a mid 2011 Mac Air currently running Mac OS High Sierra. I have used this configuration very successfully for 2 years now. I just bought a new Mac Air. It came with OS X Mojave. I previously purchased Winclone 6 for the old computer, and successful made a Winclone image of the Boot Camp partition. I copied this image to an external SSD and then to the new Mac Air.

I created the new Boot Camp partition using Mac’s Disk Utility program and then installed the winclone image which appeared to work.

I then restarted the computer and attempted to boot to the new Windows 10 partition. I received an “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” error. I located information on your site and followed the instructions. Upon attempting to re-run the win 10 os I found more succcess. In fact gets to a point where Win 10 is ready to install, but the keyboard does not work so I cannot proceed with installing Win 10.
Again I found more information on your website that is helpful. One problem: I need to create a win 10 bootable USB from bootcamp. Mojave’s version of Boot Camp does not appear to support this process at all any longer. I tried my old computer running High Sierra, but for some reason it won’t support this process for Win 10. It works for fine for Win 8. Question - Can I use a Win 8 bootable flash drive to assist in resolving the keyboard problem on my Win 10 installation? If not, can I use my old Mac’s Windows 10 OS to create the Win10 bootable USB or does it have to be created from Boot Camp?

Alternatively, would a cheap USB Keyboard work?

Any help or direction you can provide would be much appreciated.

Jeff M.

I just bought Winclone 7 for the new one.

Your idea of a cheap USB keyboard is spot on.


Yeah, it worked, but then I ran into another error during the installation. I don’t remember exactly. Something like a Critical File is not available.

Anyway, I had to move on. Bootcamped the machine using Apppe’s standard method which worked fine. Still installing all my programs (groan). Have to pay for a new version of Office (Major Groan).

Oh well.

Jeff Mikalson