Lack of space error message

I am migrating from a MacBook Pro 2012 to the new Intel chip, 2020 model, and have a Bootcamp partition that is 600GB by itself and is 21GB larger than the Bootcamp partition on the source drive. I purchased Winclone 9 and installed it on both laptops. It took over 9 hours to create the image on a 1TB SSD. Today, after following the steps to “Restore” the image, I received this error message: “Restore failed due to lack of space or file issue. Please check available disk space or try block-based imaging.” Both computers have the latest version of the Catalina OS. Please advise. Thank you, Ken

Can you check the log (Command-L) and see if it gives further details?


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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, when I had not heard back in a couple of days, I contacted Apple and restored the new Macbook Pro to the original OS without data. He suggested creating the largest partition possible and try and restore the Winclone image again. Even though the 600gb partition I had made should have been more than enough for the 535gb image from the original SSD, I am in the process of starting from scratch. Should I receive the same error message, I will check the log and forward to you. Best regards,


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After starting over and increasing the partition to 800gb, the “Image Restored Successfully”; however the screen is asking me if I want to “Add Windows Drivers”. My purpose in using Winclone was to migrate the Windows OS from an old to a new computer. I have done this before with Winclone 5.5 and Winclone 7, and I do not recall it asking for additional drivers. I am going to stop the process by closing the Macbook Pro until I hear from you as how to proceed. I will attach an image of the progress. I was hoping to avoid purchasing another copy of Windows 10.Thank you for your help,


Both responses were sent from a different email address and kicked back, so I am not able to attach the image here. Thanks