Language / enabling ssh


I’m trying to install a new Apple Mini Mac M1
(no OS install) it runs the workflow but I have a few issues. when I select the language in settings after the installation I’m getting “There was an error in Language & Region preferences”

until I run languagesetup via the terminal. I have also tried to set my language via the it seems that it does not run scripts at all (MDS version 41131) Any ideas?

I also have another challenge when I enable ssh in the workflow so it does but I would like it to enable “Allow full disk access for remote users” can you do it in any way?

Thanks for reporting this. I was unaware of these issues and will look into them.

Also, I recommend that you join the macadmins slack and the #twocanoes-mds channel. I’ll file this issue, but you can file issues and enhancement too. I filed your issue here: