Legacy Bootable

I restored an img with winclone 8 on my Macpro 2010 with mojave.
Yesterday after many attempts of making legacy bootable at the end I did it and could enter in windows.
Today I restored again the same image and couldn’t again make legacy bootable.
I noticed that when I click “Are you sure you make BOOTCAMP Legacy Bootable?” soon Bootcamp is Unmonted and nothing happens.

Error Msg
Additional Info: Error occurred at TCSPrivHelperToolController.m:497
2020-06-28T23:17:39+09:00:Mounting Error
2020-06-28T23:28:54+09:00:Could not get mounted path of /dev/disk2s2
2020-06-28T23:28:54+09:00:Error connecting to priv helper: Couldn’t communicate with a helper application.

It sounds like the helper tool is crashing. Can you boot into Windows? Try rebooting and seeing if that resolves the issue. If you can grab the crashlog for Winclone Helper, please send it to support@twocanoes.com.


reboot with bootcamp : not bootable device found

crashlog: Sorry i can’t find it.