Legacy v3, "Required device is inaccessible"


I have a legacy situation… Windows 7 installation running on a 2009 MacBook Core 2 Duo.

The MacBook runs 10.6 so I purchased Winclone and downloaded to legacy v3.

I was able to create an image in good order. But… I am trying to restore the image to an identical 2009 MacBook Core 2 Duo. I am restoring to a FAT partition using FireWire Target disk mode from the first MacBook.

The image seems to restore OK but when I try to boot the 2nd Mac I get error:

status: oxc0000225
info: the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible

From some posts here it seems like I may need to run SYSPREP on the original installation, then create a new image. However I don’t want to mess with that installation until I’m sure I can re-image it.

Please can someone confirm that SYSPREP is the best/only option open for this problem.



If it is identical hardware, you don’t need to use sysprep. Can you let me now how you restoring it? If via Target Disk Mode, try doing it from the Mac partition.