Licence key invalid

I just bought the Winclone 7 Standaard. And want to install it on my machine, i get licence invalid.

Found the problem, i want to install the software on a other machine then i bought it from, dat is not working !! So twoconoes is using i think mac adres for the seriela number. So the software is useless for people that want to switch.
I’m not paying $500 for theo option to buy it on one machine and install it on a other machine.

The difference between Standaard and Pro is to big, we just want to use the software to clone a bootcamp drive form a customer to his/her new machine. This was possible with the Winclone 4 Pro, but we didi not buy that for $500. Please Twocanoes, rethink your licence policy before lossing customers.

If you unregister the license on one machine, you free up that activation and can install it on another machine. If you wiped the machine prior to unregistering it, let us know and we can add an activation. With Winclone 7 Standard, you get 2 activations, and with Winclone Pro you get 50 activations. You can always buy additional licenses as well.

To request deactivation, see here: