License and Installation

I have licenses for Winclone 7, Winclone 8, and Winclone 9.

I currently have four Apple branded machines that are in various states of migration. These are ALL maintained by me, and/or used by my college age kids.

  1. Migrating from a mid 2012 to a new Apple Macbook Pro. Once complete, will be retiring and wiping the old mid 2012.

  2. Migrating from one mid 2012 (Intel i5) to another mid 2012 (Intel i7) for my daughter, then wiping the old mid 2012 laptop.

  3. Already migrated from one mid 2012 to another mid 2012, but will be retiring the laptop and moving my wife to a Dell laptop and will no longer need Winclone.

My simple question is…

Should I purchase another Winclone 8 license or …

2.2 Single Use License. This License allows you to install and use one copy of Winclone on up to two Apple-Branded computers so long as both computers are owned and used by you"

… am I still in compliance?

Trying to ensure I don’t run afoul of the license agreement.

Let me know. Thanks!!!


Looks like when I deactivate the license on the other machine, it allows me to activate on the other. I guess as long as I only have (2) active, then I’m fine?

If they’re all MY machines, I’m thinking that works?

Yes, that is correct. You are fine.