Loss of focus on a loop


I have a problem with loss of focus in SD Clone.

macOS 10.14.6 (18G6020)
SD Clone 3.2 (14465)

About every 10 seconds the focused sd-card, disk or image loses focus and nothing is in focus.
So for example to create an image you have to do the selection in under 10 seconds or nothing will happen when you have specified an filename.

I have screen recorded what happens but there is no way to attach it to this thread. Let me know if you need the file.

Regards Tomas Wallentinus

Thanks! I’ll look into it. Filed issue here:


After watching your video, something is causing a insertion event. Can you try removing all other drives / etc and look at the console to see if there is something getting mounted / unmounted?


Hi again, this is the logs:
default 15:04:58.968547 +0200 opendirectoryd recordtype ‚Äėautomount‚Äô attribute ‚ÄėdsAttrTypeStandard:MetaAutomountMap‚Äô is not indexed: performance hit
default 15:05:20.360908 +0200 DiskUnmountWatcher DiskUnmountWatcher: callback
default 15:05:20.361172 +0200 DiskUnmountWatcher DiskUnmountWatcher: callback find and release
default 15:05:20.361228 +0200 DiskUnmountWatcher NAHFindByLabelAndRelease: looking for label

I think I have found the culprit… After uninstalling Wmware tools it works without loss of focus :slight_smile:

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Weird. But thanks for letting me know.