Mac book Pro 15 inch 2016- MacBook Pro 2018 (T2)


I am running Win 10 latest version on my 2015 MacBook Pro (Non T2) and I would like to transfer to my MacBook Pro 2018 (T2) . I was a little confused on the proper steps ands was hoping to get some guidance. I have restored the file and copied over all the drivers. I followed the directions per the article, but am having a few problems.

I am able to boot to the usb drive, but the touchpad is not working. I attached a keyboard and when I run the winclonefix. bat, I get the following error:

Error 21
Unable to access the image
From the Mac side, ham able to look at some of my files, pictures, docs- on the windows side
Thanks in advance


That sounds like the APFS filesystem driver was not loaded, which means that the USB bootable drive was not created correctly. Try running dir on each drive letter:

dir c:
dir d:
dir e:
dir x:

and see what you get.