Mac not starting up after running Boot Camp - do I need Boot Runner?

I have been laboriously trying to migrate Winclone over to my new computer. I am running through all the proper steps and after running sysprep, when my computer reboots it just gets stuck. I cannot hit the option key during start up to get the start of chooser. It just hangs. My only option is to reset the PRAM and then choose start up disk in recovery mode. Is boot runner my solution?

Try switching between EFI and legacy and see if that helps.


My problem is not booting into windows though. Or do you think that that would help my problem? I am just trying to boot into Sierra, but I can’t get the start up chooser. As a matter fact, I can’t even boot up, say, disk warrior from a flash drive or drive genius.

So when you hold done the option key right at the chime during reboot, what drives are shown?

None are showing. That’s the problem :frowning: