MAC OS GONE after repartioning BootCamp

I would like to be able to use WINCLONE, but most importantly I want to save my Windows partitions.
Everything was OK with my Bootcamp Windows 7 installation on my 2012 MacBook Pro until I decided
to shrink the Windows OS partition and create a second partition for my music files (this was done from the Bootcamp OS).
Now the ability to boot into the MAC OS is gone (I had recently upgraded the Apple OS to Mojave and it was working great).

Note that in Bootcamp disk management I see 4 partitions:
200 MB RAW
306 GB healthy primary (apple OS presumably)
101 GB NTFS BootCamp C: healthy
292 GB NTFS MUSIC healthy logical drive

Can someone put me back with two operating systems ready to use WINCLONE for backups.
thanks for any help

Can you explain a bit more on how you shrank that caused the issue?



MacBook Pro 2012 Bootcamp partition held my FLAC music collection,

and I was having trouble syncing with my FLAC master files on my Windows
7 PC,

due to different paths to the files. At this time, I still had working
MAC partition (Mojave).

I had previously made Images (using Terabyte Unlimited’s IFW) of the
bootcamp partition

and the whole hard drive.


I temporarily moved music files onto external drive and shrank Bootcamp
to about 1/3 previous size.

[for all partition work I used EASEUS PARTITION MASTER]

I created new (second) partition in remaining unallocated space, and
then moved WIN 7 Music Library

from Bootcamp (C:) to this new partition (E:).

Following that I moved my music files from external drive to Music Library.


After completion of above, and rebooting, I found that he MAC partition
and the Recovery partition

had vanished from the Boot Manager window.

I should have expected this, but didn’t.

I have tried using online MAC repair tools, but MAC side is apparently
too damaged.


I suspect that this is unfixable (at least by me), without screwing up
my customized Windows 7 OS.

[I do NOT want to have to reinstall this OS]

If I had read more thoroughly on this subject, I would have learned that
any partition work has to be

done from the MAC side.

I appreciate your taking time to look at this,