Mac Pro 2013 and external Windows

I have a new Mac Pro and have successfully installed Windows 10 on an internal partition. Both the Mac and Win10 are running the latest releases. I bought an OWC external Thunderbolt 2 drive dock to put Windows on. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that this dock will not work with Bootcamp. Does anyone have a suggestion about an external SSD via Thunderbolt 2 or maybe Thunderbolt 3 with an adapter?

I would like to use the same SSD that I have on the OWC dock. (2 ½ in.)

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Update: I have found a product that I think will work – “Akitio Thunder2 Quad (enclosure) Thunderbolt 2” Has anyone tried this?

Hi! braddye

I have a thunderbolt 2 Lacie SSD external hard drive that I have managed to format and use as an external Win10 Drive. The only problem I have is that I have to access it by pressing Alt at start up (Win Keyboard)

I really would like to know how to get Disk Start up to recognise it. I have tried several options but have not resolved it yet!

I believe VM Fusion may be the answer. You may get info from UTUBE how to set it up.

Meanwhile I hope Winclone can resolve this problem for me!