Macbook Pro 16 inch i9 issues

Instructions are very Straight forward. I get through step 12 and wait For theTouch Bar And Cursor. ( waited 10 minutes several times) But they never come up. So I can’t go any further than that. I am running A new MacBook Pro 16 inch i9. and Winclone 8. Any ideas how to fix my issue?

  1. Reboot the Mac and hold the option key during startup. Select the EFI drive and the Mac will boot from the USB flash drive. When the installer starts. do not start installing.
  2. Press shift-F10 to open a DOS command prompt. You may have to wait a minute for the TouchBar, keyboard, and mouse to start working. Once the DOS command prompt shows, click on the window to bring it to the front and enter in the following command:


If you press the fn key, does it come up? You can always connect an external USB keyboard as well.