MacBook Pro 16 Migrated using Winclone 8 - Apple Tunderbolt Display Not Detected

I’m running Windows 10 Pro on a new MacBook Pro 16inch that I recently migrated over from an older 2018 MacBook Pro 13inch using Winclone 8. Everything appears to be working fine except my Apple Thunderbolt Display 27inch isn’t detected in Windows. It sees it just fine when booting into MacOS. I’ve installed all of the latest Apple drivers and installed the AMD Radeon driver as well. This was never an issue with the 13inch MacBook Pro. I’d plug in my adapter, and it would detect it automatically. In Device Manager, under Monitors, only Generic PnP Monitor is listed, and under display adapter, it reads the AMD Radeon Pro 5300M. Is there something I’m missing ? Thanks for your help !

It definitely sounds driver related. Checking the log and Device Manager for errors might provide some insight.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I can’t see any errors in either place. Where would you recommend finding the most recent drivers, and do I install them while running Windows or do I have to inject them again ? Sorry, this is the first time I’m working with Windows running on a MacBook, so I’m not super familiar with the process.

Thanks again,