MacBook Pro keyboard not working from Ext HD Boot

I have used Winclone to successfully put Bootcamp with Windows 10 on an external USB3 hard drive. When I boot my iMac from it everything works well. When I boot my 2017 MacBook Pro from it the laptop’s keyboard and track pad do not work. However, on the MacBook Pro, I can use a USB connected keyboard and mouse just fine. I have reinstalled BootCamp drivers and run Apple software update but it seems I am still missing drivers that would allow the laptop keyboard and trackpad to be operational. What am I missing?

I suspect it has to do with USB-3 drivers. The 2017 MacBook requires USB-3, while I suspect the iMacs is USB-2. You can try plugging it into the iMac, turn on screen sharing, and then boot it on the MacBook. Screenshare to it, then update the drivers. It should then work on both.


My iMac (Retina 5K Late 2014) has USB 3 as does the MacBook Pro (2016 not 2017 - my mistake). The drivers I need would be for the MacBook’s built in keyboard and track pad to function when it is booted up with the external hard drive (Bootcamp Windows 10). I could not figure out how “boot it on the MacBook” and screen share since booting up Windows involves restart and interrupts the screen share.

I’ll write up some instructions.

Looking forward to it.

Did you ever write up these instructions? It appears that this must be the issue I’m having when the computer appears to lock up when I boot to the USB stick on my MacBook Pro 2018.

Can you link to them? I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make it load USB 3 drivers – or why the BootCamp driver-download thingy doesn’t put them on the USB stick automatically…