Macbook Pro Mid 2017 Winclone 6 Windows 10 goes into Recovery

I have one of the brand spanking new Macbook Pros, touchbar mid 2017 model. I am creating a Windows 10 image that I want to distribute on a couple other macs of the same model. When ever I try to apply the clone on a different machine, it installs successfully, but when I attempt to boot into it, it goes directly into windows recovery mode.

The package that I have created has a copy of windows 10 in audit mode, unsealed.

When I had performed the same job on a 2016 Macbook Pro, just after a windows update then it would go past the recovery screen…

What do I do?

Are you applying the clone to the same model, or is it a different model?


Same exact model. Mid 2017 model

The windows error that i get is a 0xc000000e

looks like i was able to resolve the issue by disabling SIP from OS X recovery.

Go into Terminal and type this command: csrutil disable

This worked for Mac OS X 10.12.6 Sierra

Great! thanks for post back.