macOS could not be installed

Hi I have been using MDS for a 1.5 years and never go this message before “macOS could not be installed on your computer” A error occurred while loading the installer resources. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.

I’ve tried downloading multiple fresh Mac OS installers, even installed MDS on a brand new machine and create a MDS stick. Issue persists.

Any thoughts?

My Installer logs state this:

2020-06-30 18:27:59+00 brandonplewatch osinstallersetupd[679]: IFJS: Package Authoring Error: access to path “/tmp/” requires

It sounds like you are trying to use a version of the macOS installer that is not for that machine. I have seen this with forked builds of macOS that are attempting to be installed on Macs that are not the target of that forked build.



These are brand new Macbook Air 13" 2020s. Catalina is more than compatible with that model of laptop. :blush:

So I am not understanding what I am doing wrong.

Where are you getting the macOS installer? If you got it from MDS, note there can be multiple versions of the same macOS minor version. For example:


In this example, the 10F2200 is a “forked version” of macOS and should only be used with specific hardware.