macOS Recovery in Catalina

@tperfitt - How are we planning on getting around FileVault authenticated logins to macOS Recovery (cmd+R) in Catalina? In Mojave, the disk was locked when trying to get into terminal, so one could format the disk and then gain access to run MDS. Now in Cat beta 8, I’m being sent into the Recovery Assistant to unlock the disk before macOS Utilities pops up. Only other option is Erase Mac from the File(?) menu which presumably pulls the OS down from Apple, which defeats the purpose of MDS (local reinstalls).

This is a 2016 13" MBP w/Touchbar (T1 Mac?) Trying to avoid the T2s at the moment because of the BridgeOS rollback problem.

It doesn’t pull down the OS. It just erase the disk. You would then boot into internet recovery and run the MDS workflow.

Nice - thanks for validating. In my two tests, it did wipe the drive. So, internet recovery is a requirement then for T2+ Macs (I’m not a fan of disabling of Secure Boot). :frowning: I suppose i could just create boot sticks for T1- Macs, but i JUST got the ops team to start using MDS for everything! :roll_eyes:

You can still use MDS from Internet Recovery after wipe. Is that significantly different?

Nope. It’s just getting infosec to open the ports. :slight_smile:

Thanks for talking me down off the ledge! I was pretty panicked when I saw that Erase Mac screen.

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