MacPro Late 2013 & Windows 10 - EFI problem


Sorry for asking the community but I’ve been turning around in circles and cannot seem to solve my issue…
I’ve been using WinClone for years without a problem, but recently ran into two issues that may well be related: 1. cloning the Bootcamp/Windows 10 partition into an image (external HDD) results in the Windows OS disappearing from the startup manager (Alt), and 2. restoring the WinClone image to the Bootcamp partition fails with EFI mounting error.
I’ve been playing around a lot, and the following appear to produce consistent and reproducible errors and events:
Cloning Bootcamp to an image makes Windows disappear from the startup options (Alt)
EFI can be mounted (sudo diskutil mount disk0s1) but, apart from APPLE has no other contents
Restoring an image (after a restart) fails with the EFI error
Mounting EFI (sudo diskutil mount disk0s1) works fine; again only the APPLE folder
Restoring the image with EFI mounted, proceeds without errors; EFI now contains the additional Boot and Microsoft folders
After a restart, both the MacOS and Windows appear as startup options

Mac Pro Late 2013; Windows 10; WinClone 7; Norton IS (no sign of any interference); Paragon NTFS (disabling makes no difference to the above) - all fully updated

Although the above work-around works, these issues are new and it is a pain having to restore Windows after each backup.
These problems have appeared around the time of an update to Mojave and the latest version of WinClone (no certainty though)

Any suggestions are welcome!


Sorry that I missed this. Did you get the issue resolved?



Hi Tim! This issue has not been resolved sofar. I don’t even have an idea where to start looking… Thanks for your suggestion!