macSierra Bootcamp cloning/restore

Hi, I have tried to clone bootcamp to external usb flash and restore to external ssd (which has 2 partition = machintosHD +bootcamp partition - at first i use Acronis True image to clone-unfortunately only machintosHD cloned is working ) , then using this external ssd i tried to clone bootcamp.
the process of cloning and restore bootcamp using winclone7 went smoothly without any error.

but when try to boot up ( by pressing power and “options key” ) from the same machine , it can detect both;

  1. the internal ssd (machintosHD + bootcamp) and
  2. external ssd (machintosHD + EFI bootcamp) -
    i thought i did rename the partition to different name if that matters.

unfortunately the win10 keep looping (or maybe searching) and end up -->> go back /start the win10 from internal ssd.
my configuration is MBP macSierra - 256gb. - external ssd =500gb samsung T5.

I just do clone and restore using “winclone 7”. FYI, i did not copy the windows support drivers separately.(because i assume winclone7 will pickup all necessary files in the background and copy to new partition).
I was wondering if this the windows support drivers are the issues.

Appreciate your help.

External booting can be tricky. See this article:

If it doesn’t work, let me know and we can refund your purchase.


will check the link and try , will keep you update. Thank you.