Make EFI Bootable Error "Change Bootable Error"

You’ll probably laugh at me for what I’m attempting to do with my 2018 13" MacBook Pro:

I have my old PC NVMe drive (960 Evo) with Windows 10 installed (the very installation I was running on my old PC) attached to an external adaptor, and I am trying to see if I can boot into windows externally from this. My Mac computer recognizes it as a drive, but it only shows as a folder icon in the startup manager. I had the issue with Startup Disk claiming I cannot boot from said drive (the ‘bless tool’ was unable to set the boot disk). I read someone using Winclone to solve said issue by making the drive EFI bootable. I tried to do this with my drive, however I encounter “Change Bootable Error”. I disabled the csrutil in the recovery terminal, and allowed external booting in the recovery terminal as well. I’ve attached a screenshot with some information if useful at all.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Winclone assumes the EFI partition is the first partition, and yours is the second partition. It might be possible to take a Winclone image of it, then wipe and recreate the GPT format, then restore the image. Make sure you have a good backup first, since it might all fail spectacularly.