Make EFI / Legacy bootable visible on one Mac but not another


I’ve found that the “Make EFI bootable” and “Make Legacy bootable” commands are present on one of my Macs, but not another. (I haven’t checked a third for a tiebreaker.)

Is there a reason these commands are not visible in the menu bar or in the contextual menu on one system vs. another?

I have the same version of SD Clone on both. License is the same, using standard licenses. Using the same kinds of media, which is currently USB flash drives. Same version of macOS on both.

On the system where the commands are missing from the menu bar (Tools menu) and the contextual right-click menu, I’m using an external USB 3 hub when connecting the flash drives.

This computer also has an external third party SD card reader, but I’m not concerned about SD cards at the moment for this feature.

I’d like to be able to use these features, as I think they may help with some of the issues related to making USB flash drives that could boot Macs or PCs, especially via ISO images that are intended to be bootable, anyway.


SD Clone UI was based on Winclone UI, and those commands were left in during the porting of the app. They don’t apply to SD clone so we took them out.