Make WinPE Bootable on Restore - missing checkbox?

The Create Winclone Image from WIM guide shows a checkbox to Make WinPE Bootable on Restore:

However when I attempt to create a Winclone image from WIM (Tools > Create Winclone Image from WIM…) the checkbox option is missing:

Looking at the productinfo.plist within the generated Winclone bundle, I can see that the winPEBootable key is set to false (I’m assuming the default value). Manually setting this to true allows me to install my Winclone package and boot into the WinPE environment successfully:

Is the checkbox missing simply a UI bug, or is this by design?

I am running Winclone Pro 7.3.2 (42032)


Nindi Gill

That checkbox was removed since it never really should be used. If you use the “Create Winclone image from WinPE folder”, it is set to boot to WinPE automatically.