Many workfolw with different app and how keep it up to date

I would like to have multiple workflows with different applications. What would be the best solution? Considering that for the maintenance the best solution is that I have my applications in one place.
Example. Workflow1: app A, app B, app C. Workflow2: app A, app C, app D. Workflow3: app A, app D, app E.

And how to keep the application up to date in this folder?

We are hoping to add that to an upcoming version. You can add in feature requests and upvote current ones here:


Would running from a webserver do what you need it to? If you need to update a workflow, then, you would just update the one disk image. The process is described in one of the videos at

That would definitely work! In fact, in the upcoming version of MDS, there is a webserver built in to MDS that can host the disk images.