MBP15 to MBP16 Issue

Trying to move bootcamp from a MBP15 to MBP16 and using the process described at https://twocanoes.com/knowledge-base/migrating-windows-10-to-a-16-macbook-pro-2019-with-winclone-8/.

Added all the files on the external thumbdrive per the step-by-step procedure. When I am trying to boot from the thumb drive; the MBP16 does not boot into Win10 due to security configuration.

Is there a way to fix this?
Thanks in advance

enable external booting:


Thanks Tim. One more question. Win10 came up right but I am still missing the WiFi drivers for networking. Any ideas how to get these and install in the boot camp?

Tried to install the boot camp drivers using setup from the downloaded last version but it gives me an error cannot run on this Mac. Probably because it checks the Win10 system info which was installed on MBP15. I think. I need to run all the new MBP16 drivers. Any thoughts?

You should be able to remove the drivers in device manager and then manually add in the WiFi drivers from Apple.



I got a real problem that I was searching and did not find an answer. It seems that after booting the boot camp in win10, I got the default Microsoft drivers and none of the boot camp ones did not load. I cannot use device manager to fix the drivers as there is no WiFi hardware shown in the device manager. Running bootcamp setup from external flash disk gives me the following error:

“This version of bootcamp was not intended for this computer”

One more question… in winclone 8, when moving a winclone Win10 image to a new Mac, do I need to go through the Sysprep Steps?

Any thoughts to overcome these issues?

SysPrep is helpful when you can’t get to the desktop. If you can get to the desktop, it is usually better to manually install drivers at that point.



After a number of times of trying to move the image to a new Mac and trying to do things in different ways, I still cannot pass the driver step which is the last one in your video. Running setup out of the bootcamp directory does not run. I guess Apple has additional checks before installing the additional drivers.

Any thoughts before moving to setup a new Win10 clean image through bootcamp Mac app?