MDM can't contact SCEP

I’m not able to get MDM working anymore within MDS. All buttons were greyed out on the MDM page except for “Open Enrollment Page.”

I added the bonjour name and URL name to the /etc/hosts file pine.local

After doing this, the items were no longer greyed out and I have 3 green dots for

However, when I enroll a new machine I’m getting.

"Unable to contact the SCEP server at “”."

I’m using 10443 for the port and port forwarding to the correct IP. I even tried it with DMZ, but still no mustard.

Postivite things:
I can access the enroll page from the LAN and remotely from a client’s machine.
curl is successful

DNS of the MDS server is using cloudflare
I’m not sure what else to try.

Fixed the problem.

My WAN port forward was disabled. Turning it back on fixed everything.

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Thanks for letting us know!