MDM Enrolled Device Not Showing Information

I am able to enroll devices without a problem. They show up in the MDM device list as well. When I try to send a command such as “request updated info” or “restart device” the device doesn’t appear to respond. When I double-click on a device no info is listed for it. I’ve enrolled two devices, both Mojave 10.14.6 and experienced the same issue. While I don’t know if it’s related, when I try to update my MDM profile by pressing the update button MDS completely crashes. When I restart it and click on Initial MDM profile my changes are still there, but when running the enrollment profile on a client machine it appears to still be the default enrollment profile. As a troubleshooting step I’ve tried uninstalling MDS, but it doesn’t appear to truly completely uninstall because when I reinstall it, my saved preferences are already loaded.

UPDATE: As an additional note, I’ve learned that when I restart a client, any mdm commands I’ve previously sent execute on the client. I was told in the micromdm Slack channel this means that there is a problem with the APNS configuration. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.