MDS 3.5 and Apple Silicon

Despite my requests to hold off, one of my clients purchased a new M1 Silicon Macbook Pro 13"–it’s a nice machine, but so far as I can tell doesn’t work with the current version of MDS due to Imagr not working on the new architecture. It appears that while you can use Rosetta 2 to run binaries that haven’t been compiled for both Intel and Silicon CPUs, it doesn’t work in Recovery mode (or at least in the Terminal in Recovery mode). The error message I get is

Starting up Imagr, please be patient
/Volumes/MDS/run: line 125: /Volumes/MDS/Deploy/Applications/ Bad CPU type in executable

Looking at the Imagr GitHub it appears that it’s not updated often, is there a workaround to this or will future MDS use a different method?


My understanding is that Apple Silicon Mac recovery do not support any 3rd party tools running. I am investigation using a different method. There is also an issue where the macOS cannot via installed via the command line in recovery.