MDS 4 bailing after "Open Installer"

Hey all! Interesting thing here-- and would appreciate tips or help. I’m running MDS 4, and get to the part where MDS tells me to click Open installer, and then I’m free to remove the external drive etc… problem is that it bails out after I click it. In terminal, it says “MDS Deploy-- seeing if we are autorunning and automaton is plugged in” then “ejecting volume”.
But the Big Sur installer never opens. Any idea?

It this on an M1? what version of the recovery partition is it (run sw_vers to find out).


Hi Tim-
After running sw_vers, here’s the response:
Product version 11.4
build version 20F71

Interesting, I’m having the same issue and get the same result when running sw_vers.

I am using a Mac mini with Apple Silicon.

This is an issue with the external drive name having a space in it or the wrong case. Try changing the volume name to mds and then run: