MDS 4 Imagr doesnt start - M1


I built a workflow on the latest version of MDS, 4.0 and am trying to run it via a network drive on an M1 device. When executing /Volumes/mdsresources/run, Imagr (or “MDS deploy”) doesn’t seem to start. It shows it starting, ejects the volume, and prints confirmation of that, but then nothing happens. Screenshot here:

Did i set up something on the workflow incorrectly?

Thanks for the help

I believe you need to be at macOS 11.2 in order for the process to work.


Upgrading to 11.4 did the trick, thanks a lot.

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I Have the same problem. My 30 MBP are in 11.1 and to Apple School Manager.
Before updating MDS to the last version, it’s working (for prepare and test).

I need to update all of my MBP before launch MDS??

MDS : Version 4.0 (40106)

I have install MDS 4.1 (41122) and it’s working with macOS 11.1!