MDS automation not working for UAMDM on Monterey

Hi All,

I am having trouble running “profile” or “uamdm” to deploy an UAMDM profile using MDS automation to M1 Monterey devices.

Both processes will start and not complete, leaving an installed but not approved profile.

I’ve had a fair amount of trouble trying to figure out the best route to deploy .mobileconfig so please let me know if the above is outdated too. I am currently running this script manually, logged in as an admin user.

Once the above works I then need to work out how to make it run post build and zero touch.


I still have the UAMDM profile final acceptance issue but I have managed to automate everything else by using a mixture of .sh .plist and the MDS Automaton.

The MDS Automaton now just needs to work on Monterey using the profile or UAMDM commands to get my deployment live and automagic!