MDS Automaton availability in Australia

I’m very keen on buying the MDS Automaton But I have two questions:

  1. Does the MDS Automaton work with the latest Mac Pro 2019?
  2. I live in Australia but your store does not support selling to other countries than US & Canada.
    Would you be willing to sell it and ship to Australia, please?

Please advise as I’m very keen to get hold of your solution for batch Mac Deployment (assuming it works well on the new Mac Pro 2019).

Looking forward to your helpful response.
Thank you.
Kind regards

We have customers using the Automaton with the 2019 Mac Pro, so it definitely works. We can ship via DHL (you pay for shipping and customs) and we can send you a quote if you want to move forward. Please submit a request here:

Also, if you purchase an MDS support contract, the cost of the automatons go down to USD$20.


Thank you for the info.

The quote request page doesn’t have the MDS Automaton in the drop down list.
It has MDS Pro and MDS Enterprise which I assume is for the support contract.

Initially I plan to purchase the Automaton and then based on how much help I need I’d consider the appropriate support plan.

What selection do I make for MDS Automaton?

Thanks in advance.

Ops, I take back the comment about the dropdown list.

We added it in after you asked :slight_smile:


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