MDS Automator and workflow

Hello, I am a registered MDS user and I bought two MDS Automators. Is it possible to configure MDS Automator to boot the workflow from a disk image via http, https, afp or smb ?.


definitely. this is MDS admin guide:

  1. Command: The command that will run in Terminal in the recovery partition. It should be adjusted to match the name of the external volume (replace “mds” with the current volume name). Depending on where the resources are located, the command will be different. See below for examples:
External Volume


Web Server

hdiutil mount http://imac.local/mds/MDSDiskImage.dmg && /Volumes/MacDeployStickResources/run

SMB Server

mkdir /tmp/mnt && mount_smbfs smb://guest@imac.local/Shared /tmp/mnt && hdiutil mount /tmp/mnt/mds/MDSDiskImage.dmg && /Volumes/MacDeployStickResources/run

Thank you very and sorry.

Glad I could help and glad it is was already documented. Have a great day!