MDS Create a user with no password

I am using MDS 1.8 to image some early 2019 iMacs with Mojave.

I have two users “Admin” and “Library”, both of which are set to be admins.
I left Library’s password blank.

After deployment, everything seems fine, except Library has some unknown password set on it.

Is this a bug with MDS or is there a special flag to state that the password is left blank?

Also, I have tried doing this again but with Library being a standard user, the problem still persists.

Thanks for letting us know. It was fixed in 1.7 but then had a regression when I added in password hint in 1.8. I fixed it and it should work fix now in 1.9 build 19067. Download it here:


Thank you for replying, it is working as intended now.