MDS Create User option - no folder

Using MDS 1.8 (150476) my workflow includes User Account, one account, with the Administrator and Hide from other users options selected. The account is created, but there is no user folder, so subsequent actions that expect to store the file in the user’s folder fail (e.g. Meraki MDM package installation).

Also, some other expected settings are not enabled from the general options. Screen sharing is not enabled, and the language and region are not set, and defaults read -g AppleLocale returns “The domain/default pair of (kCFPreferencesAnyApplication, AppleLocale) does not exist”.

Also, while I’m at it, if the Munki configuration could allow for a change of the default client identifier (I don’t use site_default), that would be helpful.

Does your “hide user” option follow the Apple guidelines for hiding a user?

sudo dscl . create /Users/hiddenuser IsHidden 0
sudo mv /Users/hiddenuser /var/hiddenuser
sudo dscl . create /Users/hiddenuser NFSHomeDirectory /var/hiddenuser
sudo dscl . delete “/SharePoints/Hidden User’s Public Folder”

Rather it is sudo dscl . create /Users/hiddenuser IsHidden 1

Answered my own question. You are using pycreateuserpkg, which creates users using an Open Directory session on /Local/Default and a constructed user record, rather than scripted actions.

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