MDS not launching, M1 Mac

I just started testing our first M1 Mac mini, and for the last week I have been hitting a hard wall. No matter what I try to do, when I run /Volumes/mds/run the script starts, gets to the “Starting up MDS Deploy”, then promptly ejects the USB stick with a forced unmount, and tells me it was successfull; then just sits there.

MDS Deploy never launches. I reset the MDS application to defaults, created an entirely new workflow, wiped the USB stick to copy everything clean back onto, and even noticed I had an older version of MDS4, so upgraded and did that all over again.

MDS Deploy just does NOT ever launch. Which… I guess makes sense since it keeps ejecting it own USB drive.

Anyone got any ideas what I’m missing here?

Apple did not allow running 3rd party apps in recovery until 11.0.2. My guess is that your recovery is 11.0.1. You’ll have to either update it manually or restore 11.0.2 or later using Apple Configurator.


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Thank you. There was an OS update waiting, after it updated the recovery, it launched without issues.

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