MDS Different Workflows

Hi there,
I have different “MDS Resources” with all the PKG files and the Scripts.
For Example: “MDS Resources Swiss German” “MDS Resources Swiss French” “MDS Resources Swiss Italien” and “MDS Resources English” with all the PKG files an Scripts. All this have different Apps (not all are Multilingual) and some other Script Settings. All Computers have different Computernames so I have to modify first the Script set_Computername for every single Device, that’s a little complicated ! Would it be possible that I could manually select the PKG files and the Scripts ? And also when I`m running the /Volumes/MacDeployStick/run so I can by select the Workflow manually set the Computername ? So that I need only one “MDS Resources” and I can save a lot of Space !
Thats are some Ideas…

Can you check out version 1.4? We added the ability to prompt for computer name as well as setting a bunch of options. Download a nightly build here:


Thats going in the right direction. :smiley:
I have still the Problem when i have different Installation Workflows so i have to exchange Packages and Scripts at the PKG and Script Database. I think about something like iTunes. We have a Database for PKG and Scripts and when create a Workflow that would be similar like a “Smart Playlist” and in this “Smart Playlist” can I select (shortcuts to the PKG and Script Database) wich PKG and Scripts i need. I can duplicate and edit this “Smart Playlist” without having all the “PKG and Scripts” more than twice. So I have for example 4 “Smart Playlist” with shortcuts to the PKG and Script Database and i can every “Smart Playlist” save to Volume. So I have 4 Standalone Installers “Smart Playlist” and i can edit every of them separately without Impact to the other “Smart Playlist”. Only if i have changes at the PKG and Script Database for renew the Packages or Scripts.

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