MDS from FileServer

I am unable to run the mds workflow after it mounts the fileshare and mdsresources.

Is it possible the recovery partition is very old? Try running “sw_vers” in the terminal in recovery and see what version you get back. It should be 10.10 or later.


It doesn’t have a recovery partition, I am booting off an external bootable drive that is 10.13.6. I haven’t found a solid way to create a recovery partition for 10.13.6 or 10.14…any ideas where I could find the recovery partition creator?

If you boot external and run the MDS workflow erasing the volume, it will put a new recovery partition on the volume. What is the error you are getting?


Not getting an error its just not running the workflow

Did you run the /Volumes//mds and did Imagr appear to give the option to select a workflow?


mkdir /tmp/mnt

mount_smbfs //username:password@smb://fileservername/Users/Shared /tmp/mnt

hdiutil mount /tmp/mnt/Mojave10144MDS.dmg


hdiutil: mount failed - No such file or directory

if you do a “ls /tmp/mnt”, do you see all the files on your fileserver?