MDS M1 / BigSur Disk Image Not Working

Hi There,
Having an issue with MDS Beta 4 up to Build 40045. Successfully build a disk image / workflow for BigSur 11.3.2 plus application install packages. When trying to run the disk image in Recovery OS after mounting it (using MDS web server) a very different MDS screen appears from what I have seen and complains in a moment that there is no workflow available. Changing procedure and cd’ing into the mounted disk image directory and then running again using ./run it will execute, find the correct workflow, etc., countdown that it will execute in 5 seconds (what I set it to in MDS in the workflow) and then seems to stop - small working icon in bottom left corner of screen, but nothing happening in the console window, etc. Is this just too early in the development of BigSur for this too work yet or won’t be available in BigSur as have been doing in Catalina, or something else? Thanks for your help!

I’ll have to do some testing. It sounds like an issue with running from a disk image.



Same for me here, any update?

it was an issue with the case. Make sure when launching that you use the correct case for /Volumes/mds/run. (replace mds with name of your drive). It is also good to use tab completion.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the suggestion. I did try it, but did not have an further progress. It again displayed a MDS Deploy window that allowed me to start the workflow which I did and a small activity wheel appeared in the bottom of the MDS Deploy window. In the terminal window things progressed until for a few seconds the final message that was in the windows reads (2021-05-04 19:00:41.364 MDS Deploy[275:3010] Use NVRAM prev-lang:kbd value (2) as default ASCII input source: Canadian

Sat at that step and did not change. Working with a MacBook Air M1. Any suggestions? Kindest regards.