MDS Recovery Assistant delay problem

Using MDS 4.1 or 4.3 beta, Big Sur recovery (11.2.3), and MDS with macOS Monterey (12.3) installer. Automaton version 47 or 50. Machines are 10,1 M1 MacBook Airs.

I have selected “Erase and Install” in the Install macOS panel for the workflow. There appears to be too short of a delay between the Automaton dismissing the language prompt and attempting to start the Terminal or Forgot Password prompt. Adjusting the delay times in the Automaton setup does not appear to change this behavior.

Instead, the Automaton is selecting the Recovery Assistant menu and choosing “About Recovery Assistant” while the message “Examining Volumes” is displayed. This halts the automated process at the main Recovery menu (Restore, ReInstall, Safari, Disk Utility).

Is there a fix for this, or somewhere I can manipulate the time needed between language selection [Return] keystroke and the selection of the recovery menu?

This may require a change it the firmware. You can modify it yourself here:

Or it you have support contract, feel free to submit a request at


Great info, thanks! I’ll give that a try.