MDS Script language/variables

Hi there! Having a couple of issues with custom scripts. Some of this might be my own misunderstanding of bash, but it’s impacting this. I have a script that creates a new user in addition to the one created by the MDS workflow. The new user’s name/password info are stored in the $mds_varx variables. However, I’m finding that these values are stored in single quotes when interpreted and executed by MDS. Any way around this? An example of my script:

dscl . -create "/Users/$mds_var2"
dscl . -create "/Users/$mds_var2" UserShell /bin/bash
dscl . -create "/Users/$mds_var2" RealName "$mds_var3"

Now, for this reason, I usually write my shell scripts in Ruby. Seems like /usr/bin/ruby should be available, but none of my scripts run when written using that shebang. I’ve tried with both .rb and .sh extensions. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

This is fixed in 1.8. Download here: