MDS scripts are not working

Hi All,

the scripts that i can put in the mads script folder are not executed. The… pkg will be
created but it seems that this pkg will not be installed.

I tried with this ver simply file copy script:


cp “$1/” “/Users/Shared/”
cp “$1/ptouch-vorlage.lbx” “/Users/Shared/ptouch.lbx”

exit 0

(of course i put the files in the “Resources” folder)

Thanks for your Help!

Make sure the script is marked as executable:

chmod +x

in the Scripts folder you selected in MDS. Also, check the /var/log/install.log on the target machine and you should see why it wasn’t installed.


Hi All,

I could swear that I did the “chmod +x” before! However, I did it again, and checked it with “ls -la” and it worked!

Thanks for your Help!