MDS Setup with MunkiAdmin and Managed Software Problem

Hi Everyone,

I am not quite sure if this is the right place to ask but I think the problem here is more about my MDS Setup then it is about Munki Admin.

When I do a BigSur MDS Install with the Munkitools Package included the Managed Software Catalogue App shows up in the Programs after the install but it does not recognize the software I added to the Munki Repo through MDS or rather Munki Admin.

When i manually navigate to the Repo it asks me to put in the Admin password on the client for me to access it.

I checked the Certificates on my Host Macbook but couldnt find any that were named after the hostname and when i try to create a new one i get this error but it does show up afterwards in the keychain.

Hostname for example would be “mymacbook.local”

The Error in question is just :
There was an error trusting the TLS Certificate : 1

Packages are not signed. When that option was activated it did not let me save my Workflow to a Volume.

I have both /usr/local/munki/repo Port 4443 with TLS and
/Users/Shared/web Port 8088 with TLS running

Munkireport is also activated but i ran into a issue setting that on the client or adding it to a workflow.

The Workflow itself is set to Trust the Server Certificate in the System Keychain.

The option to trust the Munki TLS Certificate on Client in System Keychain is also activated.

This is probably more of an issue with my setup and the certificates than it is Munki but i am not quite sure how to start troubleshooting this issue.

Is there a guide or tutorial that would go through a MDS Setup with MunkiAdmin and the Managed Software Catalogue ?

Kind Regards

Quick Update on this topic too. I managed to get Guided Software Catalogue running on my client Macbook. So far i have installed Google Chrome as a Package and Blender through DMG File. Sadly i dont really know what really fixed the issue. I tried to do go for a clean MDS Install again so i deleted MDS, Munki and Munkiadmin and deleting the corresponding files. I couldnt get a absolutley fresh start since it kept some of my preferences in MDS but i ultimately set up Munki up new through MDS.

Settings Used :
Packages not signed by my Self Signed certificate as i could not get a Workflow to save to a Volume with this option on.
TLS is off for both the Web Services and the Munki Repo
Munkireport not installed
Workflow Settings
Trust Server Certificate in System Keychain is activated
Trust Munki TLS Certificate Option is turned off

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